APTMetrics Shifts Workforce DEI Conversations From Why to How

APTMetrics today announced that HBR.org has posted an update to a 2002 article entitled “ Dear White Boss… ” The update, entitled “ What Has — and Hasn’t — Changed Since “Dear White Boss…,” was co-authored by Keith Caver, Vice President, Leadership Assessment and Development at APTMetrics.

Roundup: ServiceNow Integrates With Teams; Qualtrics Launches DEI Tool

ServiceNow and Microsoft announced an integration to allow HR and IT agents to collaborate directly within Microsoft Teams. Features include Chat-to-Call, with which agents can invite employees to a Teams call directly from a live chat, and Major Incident Management, which allows agents to collaborate in a group setting and share key information from ServiceNow into Teams.

Tackling the Underrepresentation of Women in Media

Around the world, women are far less likely than men to be seen in the media. This gender-imbalanced picture of society can reinforce and perpetuate harmful gender stereotypes. For over two years, journalists and producers across the BBC have been tackling the gender representation issue by rethinking whom they put in front of the camera, with the goal of achieving 50:50 gender representation every month.

Company Culture Is Everyone’s Responsibility

By Denise Lee Yong Here’s how organizational culture might have been handled in the past: The CEO commissions the Human Resources department to produce an effective company culture. HR designs a campaign to tout a mission statement and core values that the CEO and senior management developed. HR also implements some employee perks like free […]

Breaking The ‘Concrete’ Ceiling: Roz Brewer To Become The S&P 500’s Only Black Female CEO

By Maggie McGrath Rosalind “Roz” Brewer is, by Forbes’ accounting, the 48th most powerful woman in the world. But now, she’s poised to become even more powerful. On Tuesday night, news broke that Brewer, who has served as Starbucks’ chief operating officer since 2017, will be taking the helm of Walgreens Boots Alliance in March. It’s a momentous announcement, making Brewer, […]

Biden Ends Ban On Transgender Military

By Dawn Ennis President Joe Biden, on the first day of his first full week as commander in chief of the U.S. Armed Forces, ended his predecessor’s unjust ban on service by out transgender troops Monday. With a directive to newly-sworn Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Biden told the former general to implement a policy that […]

4 Ways Diversity Is Directly Linked to Profitability

By Jana Turner Workforce diversity is becoming an increasingly vital component in the business world. There is good reason for this trend. Research shows that more diverse staffs have been linked to rising company productivity levels, which directly correlate with increased profitability. In fact, Barron’s recently published an article highlighting the many ways diversity has measurable impacts on firms’s success. In […]

Biden Signs Executive Actions on Racial Equity

By Rebecca Shabad and Lauren Egan President Joe Biden signed four executive actions Tuesday aimed at advancing racial equity as part of his push to use the powers of the presidency to implement parts of his agenda. The executive actions direct the Department of Housing and Urban Development to “take steps necessary to redress racially discriminatory […]