Why Recruiters Need a Vacation or Face Burnout

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Kauai Island

Photo taken at our Airbnb house in Kauai. 

I took a vacation to Hawaii with my wife for two weeks in January. We saved up for 6 months after our wedding to go on an official honeymoon vacation. For weeks, I felt worried about going and leaving my work duties as a Talent Sourcer. Have you ever had that feeling where you just dread taking time off from work and you feel like everything would fall apart while you were away? Well in someways I did feel that way. This would be the longest vacation I’ve ever taken in my career.


You’re not alone; majority of professionals in North America have been taking less vacation year after year. It’s become a big trend for workers not to even take any “time off” throughout the entire year. Because of massive deadlines and important meetings it’s hard for Recruiters and Sourcers to escape for awhile. I’ve noticed another trend within my own group of friends. A lot Recruiters and Sourcers have been talking more about mental health and how the recruiting field causes a lot of stress and uncertainty. This in turn causes individuals to face “burnout” and leave our industry all together.


My conclusion from listening to others is a simple solution to this ever growing problem. Our industry needs to take more vacations throughout the year. Managers need to be advocates for their teams and demand that they do take at least one vacation a year. It’s a good thing to take a break and come back fully refreshed for work.


Our society demands perfection and values individuals that work the extra mile. What may seem like your best employee might be one that is passively looking on job boards for a new job. I’ve experience that myself at several companies. Our top performers would be more likely to jump ship all together after a year. When I worked at a staffing-agency I had a worker who was working 10-11 hour days and never took time off. After months of working with them they finally confessed to me that they hated working in that environment and were on the brink of burning out in the staffing field.


It was a complete shock for and it really opened my eyes to what was going on. It really hit home the fact that we all need to take a vacation. I was able to travel to many of the islands: O’ahu, Kauai, Big Island, and Maui. It was an incredible experience with my wife and I will never regret taking the time off from work. You need to become your own advocate and take a vacation! – Aloha & Mahalo!~


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