Recruiting & HR Books

Looking for some good reads to add to your bookshelf? These are our picks for what recruiters and HR pros should be reading.

Talent Fix by Tim Sackett

A great primer for any new HR and talent acquisition professional.

Hire by Design by Jodi Brandstetter

A guide to hiring best practices and process designing.

Getting Hired Now by Ian Siegel

The Ziprecruiter CEO dishes the dirt to help you get hired.

Betting On You by Laurie Reuttimann

How to Put Yourself First and (Finally) Take Control of Your Career

A Guide to Diversity Talent Sourcing by Jonathan Kidder

How to attract and hire diverse candidates using Boolean strings and tools online.

How to Become a Technical Recruiter by Jonathan Kidder

A Recruiters Guide to Understanding Technology Based Roles

Top Talent Sourcing Tools for Recruiters by Jonathan Kidder

A Beginner’s Guide to Over 50+ Talent Sourcing Tools.

The Robot-Proof Recruiter by Katrina Collier

A Survival Guide for Recruitment and Sourcing Professionals

Human Resources Kit For Dummies by Max Messmer

Align HR practices with your objectives and keep your company competitive…A company’s ability to grow and stay on top of customer demand has always depended heavily on the quality of its people. 

Employer Branding for Dummies by Lars Schmidt and Richard Mosely

Employer Branding For Dummies is the clear, no-nonsense guide to attracting and retaining top talent. Written by two of the most recognized leaders in employer brand, Richard Mosley and Lars Schmidt, this book gives you actionable advice and expert insight you need to build, scale, and measure a compelling brand.

Hiring Success by Jerome Ternynck

How Visionary CEOs Compete for the Best Talent. Jerome is the CEO of SmartRecruiters.