The Other Diversity Dividend

Researchers have struggled to establish a causal relationship between diversity and financial performance—especially at large companies, where decision rights and incentives can be murky, and the effects of any given choice can be tough to pin down. So the authors chose a “lab rat” with fewer barriers to understanding: the venture capital industry.

Eight Important Ways To Promote Inclusion And Diversity In Your Workplace

By Forbes Expert Panel Inclusion and diversity have certainly become buzzwords in recent years, but they are more than just a passing fad; They are vital elements to a business’s success. A diverse, inclusive workforce leverages the knowledge and experiences of a broader cross section of society and helps bring the business closer to the […]

Diversity as Strategy

IBM’s turnaround in the last decade is an impressive and well-documented business story. But behind that success is a less told people story, which explains how the corporation dramatically altered its already diverse composition and created millions of dollars in new business.

Why Diversity Programs Fail

Organizations are trying to reduce bias with the same kinds of programs they’ve been using since the 1960s. And the usual tools—diversity training, hiring tests, performance ratings, grievance systems—tend to make things worse, not better. The authors’ analysis of data from 829 firms over three decades shows that these tools actually decrease the proportion of women and minorities in management. They’re designed to preempt lawsuits by policing managers’ decisions and actions. But as lab studies show, this kind of force-feeding can activate bias and encourage rebellion.

What To Look For In A Disability Organization

If we really care about people with disabilities and disability issues, we should all do better than just tossing pocket change in every fundraising bucket we see, or signing up for every walkathon a coworker’s kid puts in front of us. But how do we choose which disability-related causes and organizations to support?

How the Pandemic Exacerbated Burnout

Michael Leiter and Christina Maslach have been at the vanguard of burnout research for over three decades, including writing influential books and creating a widely used burnout assessment. In this conversation with HBR, they explain how the Covid-19 pandemic has intensified the conditions that lead to burnout: exhaustion, cynicism, and inefficacy in the workplace.

Male Allyship Is About Paying Attention

By W. Brad Johnson and David G. Smith Although most men notionally support more gender inclusion and equity, there is clear research that men often are challenged at recognizing gender discrimination and harassment in real time. For instance, despite the recent focus on workplace sexual harassment and assault, a 2018 study revealed that 77% of men didn’t […]

Stop Attempting To Silence Women Of Color

By Maia Niguel Hoskin Last week, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) took to Instagram Live to share an uncomfortable experience she had with a Capitol Police officer during the insurrection early last month. Her account of the encounter received widespread attention, and thousands rallied behind her in support. But no more than 48 hours later, naysayers challenged AOC […]

Company Culture Is Everyone’s Responsibility

By Denise Lee Yong Here’s how organizational culture might have been handled in the past: The CEO commissions the Human Resources department to produce an effective company culture. HR designs a campaign to tout a mission statement and core values that the CEO and senior management developed. HR also implements some employee perks like free […]

Do Your D&I Efforts Include People with Disabilities?

By Caroline Casey Businesses have long been drivers of social change. Across the globe, companies have begun acknowledging vital challenges and injustices such as climate change and pay gaps. Diversity and inclusion is one such defining issue, and, although huge progress has been made towards equality across boundaries of gender, race and sexual orientation, one aspect […]

Ceiling: Roz Brewer To Become The S&P 500’s Only Black Female CEO

By Maggie McGrath Rosalind “Roz” Brewer is, by Forbes’ accounting, the 48th most powerful woman in the world. But now, she’s poised to become even more powerful. On Tuesday night, news broke that Brewer, who has served as Starbucks’ chief operating officer since 2017, will be taking the helm of Walgreens Boots Alliance in March. It’s a momentous announcement, making Brewer, […]

6 Ways Diversity and Inclusion Will Change This Year

By Amber Cabral The year 2020 brought a global reckoning on race unlike anything we’ve witnessed in modern history. Diversity trainings followed the missteps of organizations and CEOs. Corporate social responsibility programs pledged their allegiance to the Black community and poured millions into civil rights and social justice organizations. New vocabulary words built a glossary […]

WFH Doesn’t Have to Dilute Your Corporate Culture

By Pamela Hinds and Brian Elliott The pandemic pushed many organizations to become fully remote, and the experience has been better than many imagined. As a result, a hybrid working model that embraces the best of both remote and office-based work awaits many workers and companies on the other side of the crisis. Adapting to […]

How Better Workplace Data Can Help Women Regain Ground Lost In 2020

By Ryan Wong After decades of fighting for gender equity in the workplace, we were finally starting to see some cracks in the glass ceiling. In January 2020, women reached a significant milestone –– holding the majority of jobs in the workforce for the first time in almost a decade. The number of women in senior leadership positions had […]