Bookmark This! A Guide for Conducting Effective 1:1 Meetings

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effective 1:1 meetings build employee engagement through communication

Organizations care about performance. Employee
performance is what helps the organization achieve its goals. Regardless of
your organization’s philosophy about the annual performance review, one-on-one
meetings are a valuable tool for managers to coach employees about their

Please note: I didn’t mention the word
discipline. Performance coaching conversations should not immediately conjure
up images of disciplinary action. Performance coaching is about telling
employees what they do well as much as it is about helping employees move past
a performance deficiency. And there are plenty of times when employees need to
know about an area of their performance that needs improvement which doesn’t
involve disciplinary action.

Okay, I’m off my soapbox about coaching and
discipline. Thanks for listening. Here are four articles I wrote on the Saba
Software blog about one-on-one meetings and their value in creating high

Manager’s Guide to Successful 1:1 Meetings With Employees
  The perfect one-on-one meeting is casual and
conversational. It’s also consistent, and that consistency brings trust and
preparedness. To help managers prepare for their next one-on-one meeting,
bookmark this page and share it around your office. Also, download the employee
feedback and coaching templates to use as a conversation guide.

Employee’s Guide to Successful 1:1 Meetings With Your Manager
  Many organizations already train and coach
managers on how to conduct a one-on-one meeting. Organizations should make the
investment and do the same for employees. After all, they’re one-half of the
1:1 meeting and need to take responsibility for their side of the conversation.
Employee performance will improve when they’re able to properly prepare and
participate in the meeting.

1:1 Meetings for Learning and Watch Your Business Thrive
  One-on-one meetings allow the organization to
make learning a part of their culture, rather than an event that only happens
in the classroom. Bringing a learning component into 1:1 meetings benefits
everyone. Managers can discuss performance with employees on a regular basis.
Employees become more engaged because the organization cares about their

to Conduct a Learning Session During a 1:1 Meeting
  Learning conversations do not have to involve
platform skills and a bunch of fancy props. Rather, they simply require
teaching managers how to structure and deliver effective 1:1 meetings. This
5-step method is an ideal activity to include in the company’s management
development or manager onboarding program.

Effective 1:1 conversations can be a powerful way to increase employee engagement, accelerate employee achievement, and improve overall organizational performance. To create effective one-on-one meetings, organizations need to provide managers and employees training and tools to properly prepare and communicate. I hope you’ll find these tools useful for your teams.

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