The 10 Most Popular Articles Among Recruiters This Week

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In case you need a stimulating read, here’s a great list for you.

We took a look at the articles staffing and corporate recruiters shared, liked, and commented on the most on LinkedIn during the last 7 days and posted them below.

Here are the top posts for this week:

1. Recruiter Is the Hottest Job in HR — by Roy Maurer

2. Talent Sourcing in a New Reality: A Story of Human Kindness — by Greg Hawkes

3. 6 Essential Steps for a Successful Recruiting Process — by Jay Starkman

4. The Amazing ’25 Names Approach’ for Filling Your Talent Pipeline Simultaneously With Every Hire — by Dr. John Sullivan 

5. How We Closed the Gap Between Men’s and Women’s Retention Rates — by Michelle Stohlmeyer Russell and Lori Moskowitz Lepler

6. The Future of Retail Jobs; Why We Need to Think About Plan B for the Future of Work — by Michael Spencer

7. A CEO and Former Bain Consultant Shares His Favorite Job Interview Question — by Áine Cain

8. Why You Should Pay Your Employees As Much As You Can — by Galen Emanuele

9. OMG: I Took My Own Recruiting Advice and Here’s What Happened — by Roberta Chinsky Matuson

10. 4 Signs You’re One Burnt Out Recruiter (and How to Revive Yourself) — by Beth Kanter

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