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See What Happens When You Post a Job on Facebook (video)

If you haven’t tried posting a job on Facebook yet you may be surprised as to what you can actually do with your candidates. So I decided to do a quick screencast to show you some of the functionality for reviewing, tagging and communicating with your applicants.

What happens when you post a job on Facebook? from RecTech Media on Vimeo.

I was surprised to see you can assign people to a status, and also that many of the candidates had at some basic work info as part of their profile. It’s also great you can get alerts by email when they apply.

It would be nice if they would let you export the candidate data as a .CSV but perhaps that will come eventually.

Just a reminder to post a job you will need a business page. Just look for the “Post Job” icon when creating a post on your page. Once its up it will automatically go into the Facebook Jobs ecosystem that includes Google Jobs.


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