Results from Snap Survey #1: 2017 Top Talent Priorities are in!

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Vision Of Eyechart With Glassesby Thuy Osman
Senior Research Manager

Are you focusing on the same talent management priorities as your peers in 2017? Let’s look at our survey results to find out!

Over the span of a week (from February 24 – March 3), we asked professionals in our HR & TM Executive community: What are your top three talent management priorities in 2017? We gave them a list of priorities that range from recruiting, to training, to leadership development. We wanted to see if HR professionals in our community reflect human capital trends. We also wanted to see if talent management priorities differ base on industry, company location, or company size. Here are the results of Snap Survey #1 base on 161 participants.

Across all industries globally, engaging talent and developing leaders are top priorities in 2017; 63% of respondents say their companies are focusing on these areas for the year. 34% of respondents say developing leaders (talent management & leadership development) is the number 1 priority for their company, compared to 25% who say engagement management (behavior, culture management) is their number 1. Rounding out the top 3 with 42% of the votes is training and people development.

Although only 34% of respondents say recruiting is a top three priority, 11% listed recruiting as the number 1 priority for their company in 2017. Surprisingly (or not), less than 10% considered communications and social media a priority for this year, putting it at the bottom of the list.

These results are consistent across the group with minor changes when accounting for company location, company size, or industry. For example, of the 60 companies located in the U.S., none pointed to communications and social media as a top 3 priority. For international companies, HR analytics is just as important as recruiting; 10% of respondents even say HR analytics is a number 1 priority for their company. Companies with 500 employees or less place more importance on engagement management versus leadership development; they also place recruiting slightly ahead of training and development. Companies with over 15,000 employees say HR analytics is the third priority after leadership development and engagement management. For companies in Telecommunications (including Technology, Internet & Electronics), recruiting is just as important as training and development, rounding out the top 3.

Do the results of this survey reflect the top 3 talent management priorities for your company in 2017? Do you disagree, or agree with anything you see here? Why are talent management/leadership development and engagement management important priorities for many companies in 2017? Do you think they are on the right track? Please share your thoughts and comments with your peers.

To those who participated in the survey – thank you for your participation! If you provided an email address, we will send you a more detailed breakout of the survey results soon.

Coming next week: Snap Survey #2 on work/ life balance.

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