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Most Employers Think Their Recruiting Stinks

Though not exactly shocking, Allegis Group, the RPO/talent firm has just released a new report that details some of the current problems with today’s talent acquisition departments. Entitled, “Staying in Front: An Inside Look at the Changing Dynamics of Talent Acquisition“, the survey of nearly 7,000 employers, talent acquisition professionals and job candidates from around the world, recorded the satisfaction of companies across key talent acquisition practice areas, as well as stakeholder views on major trends.

According to the findings, only 7.7% of employers agree their recruitment process actually works well enough to attract and retain talent. Many companies appear to be their own worst enemy, worsened by a communication disconnect with their talent acquisition teams, as well as other shortfalls impacting employee hiring and retention. Having seen these mistakes firsthand in my everyday HR travels I have no quarrels with that finding.

“Based on our experience addressing talent needs for companies around the world, we know there is no such thing as ‘just good enough’ recruiting,” said Andy Hilger, president of Allegis Group. “The market has grown increasingly competitive across many skill sets, particularly in the professional and technical arenas. Best-in-class recruitment must be a priority. We hope sharing insights on what sets great talent acquisition organizations apart – and identifying what is and isn’t working – will help companies close some key gaps and, ultimately win in the marketplace.”

The Highlights

The report addresses several areas of the recruiting process including job definitions, sourcing, screening and onboarding.

As someone who works with employers today on many of these issues, I would also add a few more things to the above list. If you are a recruiter or HR pro reading this I’d be curious to hear what else you think is failing. My top 3 would be;

The full report form Allegis can be downloaded for free at