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List of Recruiting Chatbots

Recruiting Chatbots are this years hot new technology that employers are curious about. Adding a chatbot to your hiring process to engage job seekers is a quick and easy way to increase conversion rates.

Candidates are more willing to apply by interacting with a chatbot than having to fill in a long formChatbots can also pre-screen candidates thus saving your recruiters time while increasing the qualified funnel. FAQs are also a good use case you may want to explore.

A number of vendors have popped up in the past few years to help employers with this type of automation. The chatbots below are all designed to interact with prospects at the beginning of the hiring funnel. Here’s my list and a quick preview of each company. Just be aware that chatbot technology has a learning curve and requires someone in your recruiting department to manage and maintain.

  • Ari (by TextRecruit)
  • Canvas
  • GoHire
  • Job Pal
  • Hire Humanly
  • Paradox/Olivia
  • RoboRecruiter
  • Wade&Wendy

Ari is a chatbot from the team at TextRecruit. Visit site. It uses natural language processing and machine learning. Add candidates from your ATS, via text-to-apply, or live chat and let Ari engage them in a two-way conversation.

Ari Chatbot

Canvas, based out of Indiana, conducts interviews through texting. Visit site. All conversations are documented and are searchable.

GoHire (visit site) based in California has three types of chatbots for Text, Facebook Messenger and Webchat which sites on your career site. I recently conducted a webinar with their founder. Watch it here.

Job Pal is a European based company (visit site). Your chatbot will be available 24/7 and respond to questions automatically using their FAQ engine. In the instance that a question posed is too tough for the chatbot, this will then be passed on to a recruiter to follow-up in person.

Hire Humanly out of Tampa Florida, (visit site) thinks chatbots will help magnetize your employment brand. In addition, “your hiring teams get a unique and unbiased lens into your candidates’ professional and cultural profile, cultivating enhanced human interaction through more enriched interviews.”

Paradox’s Olivia chatbot is based in Scottsdale Arizona. Visit site. Olivia focuses on candidate capture, screening, scheduling, and candidate communication & engagement.

Roborecruiter (visit site) offers different campaigns to help refresh your candidate data through a chatbot or help recruiters to vet and select candidates for particular roles.

Wade&Wendy hiring assistant (visit site) is still in Beta but you can sign up for their waiting list.



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