List of Programmatic Job Advertising Vendors

The use of programmatic job advertising is growing steadily among agencies, staffing firms and large employers. There are now at least 6 vendors serving this growing sector of RecTech. Recruitics was the first to really take it mainstream but now new players like JobAdX and Joveo have joined the scene giving advertisers more options to choose from.

Here is a quick listing of these vendors in no particular order with some basic info and stats. I’ll be holding a free “What is Programmatic Job Advertising” webcast in late March to help you learn more about it. Amit Chauhan, CEO of JobAdX will join me to give you a basic tutorial on the technology as well as a demo of their new platform.

Recruitics – Has offices in New York City, Connecticut and the UK. They also have agency services if you want them to manage your spend. [Link]

PandoLogic (formerly RealMatch) – Headquartered in New York City, PandoLogic started as a publisher platform for job sites but now has branched out with their own ad platform that features a predictive measure which tells you how much you will need to spend according to your job title. [Link]

JobAdX -Headquartered in Toronto, JobAdX is the newest player on the scene. Their platform is different from the others by virtue of “real-time bidding” (RTB) which places your jobs in premium placement across their partner network. Your jobs always stay on top ensuring consistent applicant flow vs jobs that get pushed back in results as they get older. [Link]

Appcast -Headquartered in New Hampshire their platform also goes by the name Clickcast.

Joveo -Headquartered in San Francisco, this new startup just got $5 million in funding and bought up Ripple Media in order to help scale the business. Their platform also features social media ad buying. [Link]

ClickIQ – Is a UK based provider of programmatic buying serving that market only. [Link]

Although not a pure programmatic play, I should also mention ODT from the folks at Jobs2Careers. It’s a free service to their existing client base that uses predictive analytics to help talent acquisition and recruiting professionals fill their open positions more efficiently. ODT touts touts three key benefits: predict, optimize, and deliver.

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