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Is Technology Ruining Your Interview Game?

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Few things in life make candidates’ palms exude water, soak their undershirts and dry out their throats as much as the dreaded first interview. Some candidates shine in their lovely 60-minute displays of etiquette-class-approved behavior and Sunday best clothes, and step boldly through the door of opportunity.

Technology now makes it possible to ease the stress and time commitment of face-to-face meetings. But new communications tools also can get in the way of your assessments, causing you to miss out on the best recruits.

Skype … while on the job?

Sure, you are busy lining up interviews for several positions. You don’t have time to go to a lunch to interview a referral or take 60 minutes away from your desk. Candidates should come to you because they are interested in moving to your place, so hit them up on Skype.

One problem: Most of these candidates have a job, too. That is, until they are caught trying to impress you on Skype in the privacy of their cube. Sometimes, nothing beats a personal phone call or face-to-face encounter, and it would only cost the candidate some hard-earned PTO.

What … is … your … um, hello?

Nothing breaks up the rhythm of a persuasive answer to an interview question than a shoddy Internet connection. While video interviews can be efficient and time-saving, they can also be problematic with dreaded “buffering” interruptions. Make sure your candidates have access to a reliable internet connection on their end of the interview. When lag time interferes with a candidate’s answer (or your questions), you may not be giving him or her a fair chance to present their case and advance in the recruiting process.

Does this get their best side?

Some candidates can be expressive and articulate in person, but put a camera in their face – even that little eye in the frame of a laptop – and they freeze up. And lighting on their end can be either glaring or too dim, precluding the more impressive presence they might have made in a face-to-face interview.

Whatever you determine is best for your business, remember the aim – recruiting the best people. An interview is about opening the door to opportunity and seeing that rock star walk through it. If that candidate is hampered by lighting and technology or worried about losing their current job, you may cheat yourself from learning more about someone who could be great for your organization.

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