7 Niche Industries for Software Developers

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Software developers are missing out on some really overlooked, lucrative opportunities by not considering these 5 niche industries. These are 5 niche industries that have the highest software development demand:

Business-to-Business Sales

The need for software developers is growing every day in the B2B sales industry. While there are many CRM systems on the market today, these systems are being challenged by new pioneers in customer relationship management. Young software development companies are creating software systems that are revolutionizing automation, management, and lead generation. These sales tools are always in need of updating, because of the constant change in business communication trends.

Social Media Marketing

Automation has become a huge factor for success in the internet marketing industry, and social media is developing so many new ways for successful marketing automation. Facebook bots allow companies to automate chat options through Facebook messenger, retargeting through Facebook and Instagram advertising has become immensely fluid, and it’s no secret the potential for email marketing through Facebook lead generation and automation. All that’s missing is a software developer or company willing to team up with a large social media marketing company and create the next generation of tools.


The healthcare industry is constantly growing and changes in technology have allowed this industry to develop nearly unhindered. While healthcare software might not be the newest concept, there is a great need for the development of current data management software within the industry. New automation tools are always being developed to help companies and industries grow and succeed, and healthcare is one industry that is always in need of new healthcare software.


It’s no secret that many religious organizations are financially prosperous, and there are many ways that software development is already being paid for and utilized in this industry. CRMs, online media platforms, internet broadcasting platforms, and communication software are constantly being developed for churches of all size. Think about how valuable it would be if you could help organizations automate even more intimate connections with people, in their living rooms, work offices, and cell phone pockets. Many software development companies are already serving this industry, though it’s still a relatively new demand.


There still isn’t enough software development in the restaurant industry. So many small-to-mid-size restaurants are in need of online ordering and POS software, and whether you serve this need on a service subscription basis or internally on a one-time basis, there is no doubt of the demand in the restaurant industry for software development.


Martial Arts

Thousands of martial arts studios across the country are trying to systematize their attendance, marketing, and ranking with mobile-friendly digital technology. While some software like ZenPlanner already exists in this space, some self-defense studios need (and are willing to pay for) proprietary, in-house software that can be built for their specific utilities and to the specifications of their style.



As software development continues to grow as an economic engine within our society, more and more schools and school districts are requiring basic coding as a mandatory course for High School, Middle School, and even upper-grade Elementary School students. These courses will require knowledgeable instructors who are proficient in C, Ruby, and Java. While public education has not typically been a lucrative career track, market forces will demand that these niche instructors are very well-compensated.


Barring a global collapse of all IT infrastructure, software development will continue to be a vital ingredient to all sectors of the economy. These careers aren’t going anywhere. It’s still possible to find jobs at major software corporations like Adobe or Micro Focus, but small business makes up the lion’s share of the economy, and these niche industries are an ever-expanding space for software developers to make their mark (and make a little money while doing so). 

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