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6 Job Sites to Recruit Women

The power and influence of women in business is finally getting it’s due with an increased focus on equal pay and more companies looking to diversify their workforces. Lately, a number of jobs sites/communities have been launched to help employers target and recruit more women to their companies.

Here’s a roundup of women focused recruiting sites to add to your talent toolbox.

  1. Hire Tech Ladies | – Claims they have 20,000 women in it’s database of members. Members get access to a secret jobs page, members-only newsletter, and closed Facebook group.
  2. Power to Fly | – This site is focused on providing opportunities from companies who value diversity and inclusion above all else. Employers can post jobs starting at $200 per month.
  3. Women Who Code | – This site envisions a world where women are proportionally represented as technical leaders, executives, founders, VCs, board members, and software engineers. They also do events.
  4. Women for Hire | – Founded by Tory Johnson, former ABC tv personality, this is a typical job board style site for recruiting women.
  5. Levo League | – Their audience ‘represents the most accomplished and engaged 
network’ of millennials and skews heavily towards females. They reach a community of professionals through daily original content, offline community events and social engagement.
  6. CareerContessa | – Offers career counseling and jobs for women. The only career site built for women that lets you job search, book career counseling, get free career guidance and advice, and more.

Oops, we forgot to include FairyGodBoss and FindMyFlock on this list. That makes eight!